Invitation: Transformative Youth Leadership Training and celebration of our power to create systemic change! ~ In Boston ~

This is an invitation to young or young-at-heart leaders or soon-to-be-leaders who want to get activated and experience collective awakening to our deep power to create transformation. For this 3-day training, we will be bringing together 30 visionary youth leaders from diverse backrounds working on a veriety of issues – including climate justice, environmental issues, economic inequality, womens empowerment, permaculture and eco communities, racial justice, new food systems, and creating new economies. We will be diving deep into the emotional and spiritual root causes of these interrelated issues, and examining our collective worldview of separation and empowering participants to bring forth an emerging paradigm of interconnectedness and mutual thriving.

There will be a fire ceremony – meditation – gender circles – anti-oppression work — developing leadership — Open Space group breakouts — Organic, delicious meals — art and movement — community building — playing, laughing, sharing — inquiring into sacred activism, bridging personal, interpersonal and systemic change!


YOU can apply here:
YOU can apply here:

During my travels, I have stayed plugged in enough to co-create the Generation Waking Up Boston leadership training — along with some friends in Boston and two other co-facilitators coming in from New York City and the Bay Area. This will be the first three-day training I co-facilitate, and I am super excited. I want to share a little more here and invite readers to consider coming, or to share this post with others in the Boston are who want to gather with kindred spirits and share in this experience.

This is a 3-day gathering and training, with the intention of igniting participants to bring forth a thriving, just, and environmentally sustainable world. It will be held April 11-13th at the HEARTbeat collective in Boston, which brings together healing ARTists for balance, ecology, awareness and transformation.
We will start off the weekend with a 3-hour workshop, tentatively titled “Awakening Our Power, Creating a new World: The Generation Waking Up experience” THis interactive workshop which we are offering is free and open to the public, Friday night April 11th in Jamaica Plain. We will dive into who we are as a generation of young people, look at social and environmental justice issues, share our own stories in a held and creative way, and vision a new worldview and collective “story” we want to give birth to. We will be using video content, group activities, art and movement, and facilitated dialogue to lead people through this experience. We will leave inspired and empowered to take collective and personal action to bring about a thriving, just world based on our remembrance of sacred interdependence and abundance.

I want the stress that this is co-created by everyone who attends, and the experience cannot be pre-determined. What will unfold depends on who shows up and what experiences, stories and energy each person brings. There is open space for participants to share and learn in a horizontal way, and we are all equals in this space.

For the following two days, we will go even deeper into this work, as well as train up and give materials to participants for how to lead their own customized WakeUp workshops.

As I return from Costa Rica to the US, filled with a lot of excitement and inspiration, feel so good about channeling it into this event! Below are some logistical details.

This video gives a flavor of the work of Generation Waking Up.

VIDEO: Igniting a Movement

Generation Waking Up Training, including:
fire ceremony – meditation – gender circles – anti-oppression work — leadership skills — Open Space Technology — Organic, delicious meals — art and movement — community building — playing, laughing, sharing — inquiring into sacred activism, bridging personal, interpersonal and systemic change

Young people, roughly 16-30 years old, who share a passion for creating a more thriving, just, sustainable world. We recommend attending this training with 1 or 2 people from your school or community, organization, or school if possible.

April 11-13, 2014
– Friday: 5:00pm – 9:30pm (Awakening Our Power, Creating a new World: The Generation Waking Up experience. open to the public)
– Saturday: 10am – 9pm
– Sunday: 10am – 4pm

The Heartbeat Collective, a transformational arts and eco community
35 Wyman St. Jamaica Plain, MA 02130
15 minutes from Downtown Boston
8 Minute walk from Subway

Lodging is available for people traveling from outside of Boston. Participants can camp in a shared indoor space on the floor, or request a local homestay. Housing is included in the weekend cost.

Exchange of $99 – $175 Sliding Scale. Includes training materials, food, and lodging. Does not include travel or transportation.

We have a scholarship fund and are dedicated to making this a totally accessible. Don’t let money be a barrier to attending this incredible training, partial scholarships and fundraising support are available. In the application, put down what you can afford and we can begin a discussion about how to make it work for all parties involved 🙂

We are asking people to apply for this event, to ensure that each person coming is in an authentic place to go through this transformative process. The application is a chance for the facilitators to get to know you, and also a chance for you to reflect on your own values and experiences…the questions are good ones!  Fill out an online training application here. You will then be contacted you to confirm your participation. The training is coming up soon…people are being accepting on a rolling basis, but please don’t wait and apply soon so we can get you in 🙂

Written with LOVE and I call you into this space and this gathering, if you are truly meant to be there!


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