Volcanic Eruptions Into the New Year – What I see for 2015

As the wind rustles through the trees, volcanic spring water flowing endlessly,  dancing with the sound of cicadas, crickets, and birdsong, another year turns.

For me the new year began with a 5:00 a.m. plunge into hot springs water in the shadow of Arenal volcano, followed by rappelling down a 200 foot waterfall with my 79 year old grandmother, as well as the rest of my family.

In this circle with my parents, aunt, cousins and grandmother for the start of 2015
In this circle with my parents, aunt, cousins and grandmother for the start of 2015

–> What does this year mean for me individually, and for all of us on a collective level? 

In the collective, I see a merging of worlds, unexpected alliances, bridges building.

As the ecological and social crises of this era intensify, as the destruction, dysfunction and pain of the modern industrial system is magnified, more and more people are waking up and asking what they can do to play a role in the healing of the earth.

I see a change in the “new – age ” world of consciousness, transformational festivals and spirituality, to grow into a fuller sense of political and moral responsibility for social transformation. I’ve heard many of us asking, How are we treating the earth? Is this way truly sustainable? How do privilege, power, and oppression effect our experience, and how can we step forward to take responsibility for creating a world that works for all, which is truly just and equitable? In 2015, I expect to see major things shakedown in this area, bridges building between transformational festivals and political and social movements.

In the world of activism and social movements, I see an urgent cry issued for activism to be backed by the strength of community, of ritual and ceremony, of spirit. The deep truth that emerges from ceremony, as well as the wisdom of elders and earth-based peoples globally, is needed to continue moving forward in key social and environmental moments of our time. Simply trying to solve problems at the same level of consciousness that created them will not work, as Einstein and many others have noted. We must play at the level of shifting consciousness if we are to succeed in social change.

“Disbelief in magic can force a poor soul into believing in government and business.” – Tom Robbins

As these worlds come together, we can end a false idea that spirit and matter are separate, that personal growth and activism are different. No. They are two complimentary parts of one whole. Changing the physical conditions of humanity is not separate from spiritual evolution of our collective species. These happen together, partners in a dance, which can only sustain when the dance is in BALANCE.

On a personal level, as I think about what I’ve experienced the past 12 months, I am aware that one year ago I left college, determined to learn in a new way. For 12 months I’ve traveled, done work-exchange on permaculture projects, led workshops, attended events and conferences, and played outside, and sat with teachers and elders to learn. There is so much to celebrate!

2015 -- year of balance .001

As I think about 2015, this is what I see.

2015 – year of great humbling, of coming down low to be with the earth – the year of Great Activation 2015 – year of a thousand possibilites and a need for discernment and empowered choice – how can I stay present when presented with overwhelming options? 

2015 – year of dissolution, year of death and rebirth, year of the reaper

2015 – going beyond all doubt, and knowing truth at the most fundamental level, creating the unimaginable and the unexpected

2015 – Year of Balance 

My intentions this year are to spend more time in the kitchen and the dance floor, working with food and bodies for healing, empowerment, and justice for all our relations.

In this new year, I see myself : +Connecting with my roots +Practicing discernment +Living from the inside out +experiencing a strong home and community +Growing food and taking meaningful actions towards a sustainable an just world

Who am I, when I am not trying? What do I create, when I’m trusting myself and others? This is what I want to explore this year.

May YOUR year be filled with balance, health, love and community, for community is truly the only hope of survival we have.

Photo on 1-1-15 at 4.32 PM


Check out Daniel’s tentative 2015 workshops and travel schedule, open to collaborations, performance and workshop opportunities, and journeying with others who share this vision!

more to come…

January — Lago Atitlan, Guatemala

learning about cacao and other earth-based medicines, travel,  volunteering with IMAP, INSTITUTO MESOAMERICANO DE PERMACULTURA

February – Costa Rica

-Verdenergia, ForestDance

-Living with Grandmother Kaarriina and friends in family home

-Envision, presenting “From Chaos to Community, Gennerations Awakening” workshop


Santa Barbara, CA – Lucidity Festival, presenting a Generation Waking Up workshop. Eagle Condor Quetel Gathering, Sedona Arizona, presenting workshop


Earth Activist Training permaculture training with Starhawk and others, Vancouver Island, BC

June – Unifier Festival, Lebanon, CT – hosting activism teach-ins and workshops

Sep-October – Work that Re-connects/student leadership workshop tour for east coast colleges and Universities  Massachusetts/Vermont/New York


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