You’ve arrived to Daniel Jubelirer’s blog, In The Verge.

I will be posting occasional updates from my travels and adventures as I take time off from school.

The best way to reach me while I am traveling is my email, danjube@gmail.com. Feel free to write with any comments, ideas for places to go or things to do, insights, or loving words of support!

We are all in the verge of transformation: systemic, personal, cultural. We are evolving from an industrial-growth society based on scarcity, competition, hierarchy, racism, and destruction of ecological systems to a life-sustaining society which works for all, is thriving, sustainable, equal, and just.  I see myself in the verge of transformation personally, parallel to a greater verge we are all on collectively.


About Daniel:


Daniel Jubelirer is a 22-year-old activist, educator, and organizer from North Carolina. He helped found Tufts Divest for our Future, a student campaign urging Tufts University to sell off its sizable investments in fossil fuels and reinvest in local and sustainable initiatives. This led him to planning numerous direct actions and getting arrested at a Transcanada office in Massachusetts at a student-led Keystone XL protest. Since then he has studied permaculture and community resilience in Costa Rica, Canada, and the Bay Area while working on farms and on community projects. Passions include community organizing, music, ceremony and ritual as a pathway to personal and social healing, permaculture, and dance. He is facilitator and trainer with Generation Waking Up, and member of Generation RYSE (Rising Youth for a Sustainable Earth) Youth Council, a project of Earth Guardians. He recently attended the COP 21 Climate Talks in Paris with Earth Guardians, and is a student at Naropa University.


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